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Anagran – Intelligent Network Solutions

Anagran is a communications company that develops cost effective, fast, QoS capable, IPv4/IPv6 Flow State Aware (“FSA”) routers.

Anagran will support high quality voice and video, load balance among users, achieve high throughput TCP especially critical over long distances, and allow fairness of broadband utilization.

The QoS capability is achieved by management of all the flows with FSA technology allowing equalized load balancing among users, rapid TCP rate feedback and guaranteed rate, loss, and delay flows for voice and video.

This type of flow management is becoming increasingly necessary in broadband networks to achieve high quality voice and video and other traffic between all end users.

It also provides network managers the capability of converging different networks into one IP end-to-end QoS enabled network and cost effectively replaces existing ATM and TDM networks.

The name Anagran comes from Persian Zoroastrian tradition, where it means Endless Light.